rethinking the institutional MFA – introducing the sMFA

What if the equivalent to a Masters of Fine Arts could be awarded based on peer recognition via social media channels?

We could name it The Social MFA. With the designation of a lower case “s” for sMFA.

We could structure the process so that it could be implemented and followed through by independent groups of people from anywhere. Galleries, organizations and artists from your community would be able to get involved.

It would be outside of any formal academic institution, and would also exist as an agreement between members of a relevant community. A sMFA should abide by rigorous standards of investigation, production and critical discourse comparable to as a typical, accredited MFA as demonstrated so on the candidate’s public website and monitored by various referees.

However, an sMFA receives its validation by crowd-sourcing critiques, responses, and assessments of the overall program via the public website of the sMFA candidate. The sMFA is also a two-year program, though there are no “semesters” or scheduled breaks. It is one year of study, while the second year is dedicated to studio work in preparation for the candidate’s Thesis Exhibit.

And it’s free.

And it’s a really challenging and unique program.

The Fine Print … 

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